Hold It Back

by True



Some say that life is a dream and that the only difference between what we perceive as real, and what we call fantasy, is the density of the vibration. TRUE, the Swiss Pop duo, make music that feels like air. It's uninhibited, breezy and when inhaled it subtly shifts the atmosphere from the mundane to the magically sensual. Their latest single, entitled Hold it Back, is a peon to that fine line that separates reality from fantasy, and commitment from infidelity. It's a sultry exploration of the idea of relationships in the age of social media which, interestingly enough, are becoming all pervasive and invisible like air.

Hold it Back is the equivalent of strokes of breath to the back of your neck – a lover whispering arousing words, barely audible that resonate heavily inside and linger. It's a cool breeze cutting through a stuffy inner-city apartment, late at night, in the thick of summer – cooling a naked body draped in sweat and fantasies only. It's an anachronistic R&B jam that is neither retro or future, yet draws almost imperceptibly from both to create something thoroughly contemporary. It's the first song announcing Wrapped in Air, the release of the band's forthcoming debut LP, scheduled to arrive this fall.


released June 10, 2016



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Mouthwatering Records Bern, Switzerland

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